Content + Social Marketing Works!

Content marketing has become one of the most cost-effective ways to build brand awareness and affinity. The strategy is simple; create valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain an audience and drive profitable customer action. But without a system to manage and distribute your content efficiently, it can leave you with little time for anything else.

We've developed the best multimedia management systems on the web!

Writing blogs, filming videos and recording podcasts is time-consuming enough. With so many social media platforms, few businesses have the time or resources to manage their content effectively. Fewer still know how to rank and track their media so that it reaches the desired audience. If no one sees your content, it may as well not exist!

Our process to streamline your media management will save you time and ultimately a lot of money. We're confident this is the most robust system online!

Why is our system the best?

We've tried and tested just about every content management system there is, and every single one seemed to be missing something. Some are limited to only a few social media channels, others are labor-intensive. Many of them fail to include tracking and analytics codes to facilitate social media advertising. And few have the ability to rank media on key search engines like Google or YouTube.

Everything you need to create, grow, and monetize YOUR channel

Our system is simple, powerful & scalable. Grow your own online platform, with your own voice, on your own terms.

What's Included?

• Website creation and development

• A simple drag & drop design interface

• Unlimited Podcast Hosting

• Security SSL certificate

• Website analytics and download statistics

• Single Post to Multi-Channel Distribution (YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher ++)

• Built-in RSS Feed

• Technical Support

• Smart Podcast Player

• Digital & Social Marketing Support (Facebook, Google, Instagram and more!)

• 1-on-1 Training with our Dedicated Staff

• Setup for Social Advertising, Tracking, and Video Ranking

How it works

Cross-channel integrations enable one-to-many media posts! Through your own custom designed website, you can post a single blog or podcast and have it populate to multiple channels with a single click.

From one single blog post, you can distribute your articles on up to 15 different social media channels!

Every time you post a video on YouTube our system converts your video to an audio podcast and automatically distributes it to iTunes, Stitcher, Feedburner, PodSync and your own RSS feed!

Who can we help?


Your voice is a powerful weapon, and podcasting is the most efficient way of making sure that voice is heard. Our simple, podcasting system allows you to create a professional podcast website and distribute your audio files to multiple channels to reach the broadest audience possible. Publish your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and other platforms with a single post. Our system helps you grow your audience on the channel they prefer, without having to manage each one.


Video marketing has emerged as the leading way for businesses and personal brands to influence and engage their target audience. Marketers who use video are more likely to influence their audience through search, on social media, and on their website. Our YouTube channels are seamlessly integrated with podcast channels such as iTunes, Podsync and Feedburner to maximize distribution which will save you time and help you grow your audience.


Our single-to-many blog posting system allows you to distribute your articles on up-to 15 different social media channels with the click of a button. This not only saves you a lot of time, but it serves as one more indexed page on your website with multiple backlinks, which means you're that much more likely to show up in search engines and this will drive traffic to your website through organic searches. It's an effective way to build an audience and establish credibility in your industry.

Everything you need to get your YouTube channel and podcast online, quickly and professionally!

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